This is a valuable SaaS (Software as a Service) product for the leaders of state assembly constituencies as a Mobile Application (AC-LMA).

Leader's Challenges

  • Communication

  • Unorganized Data

  • Election Process Management

  •  Unawareness of Initiatives

  •  Ineffective Leader’s Engagement

Current Scenario of Process for Leaders

Constituency Management

  • Communication is very rare
  • Inflow of information is through media only
  • Manual data reports creation

Election Management

  • Manifestos awareness
  • Planning of campaigns
  • Voter mobilization
  • Traditional approach to pooling booth

People Connect

  • Complaint Lodging
  • Get people aware about future plans of leader
  • Engagement of leader with people of his constituency

Demographic & Election Analysis

  • Manual approach to data analysis
  • Manual approach to data analysis

Technology Adaptation

  • Information Broadcasting
  • Inadequate time for handling social media
  • Cross-platform posting
  • Integrated Website with App & social media platforms
  • Promotional campaigns

Mobile App Functionalities


Leader Management

  • Direct connect & communication
  • Creating manifestos
  • Managing social media
  • Demographic Data Analysis

Constituency Management

  • Constituency Electoral Structure
  • Constituency Voters Database Management System
  • Election Commission of India(ECI) Officials

User/Supporters Management

  • Detailed information about plans
  • Creating & promoting events
  • Volunteer registration & responsibilities assigning can be done

Data Management

  • Demographic Detailed Analysis
  • Structures Formatted Category Wise Data
  • Supporters lists can be analyzed

Party Workers Management

  • Creating support for leaders and party
  • Collecting and updating voter relation information
  • Promoting app, social media, events, manifestos etc.